Online Video for Business‚Äč

communication & marketing tool

improve content & presentation

Get a better return on your investment of time, effort and marketing dollars by creating more purposeful online video for your business by better serving your business marketing goals & your clients.


* 5 key production phases of any video production
* 10 common mistakes in online video and how to avoid them
* how to use screen language effectively to genuinely connect with and engage your online audience and deliver your message

* the importance of video series format even if you are only creating one single clip

AV Friend Productions HQ is based in Melbourne, Australia - mobile training & production available globally

Early bird: AU$ 22.00 - finished @5pm WED 14 NOV 2018

Full: AU$ 32.00 - registration finished @5pm MON 26 NOV 2018

Date: Wednesday 28 November 2018

Time: 7.00pm to 8.00pm

Venue: where ever you have internet access

NEW: previous workshop is now a webinar

- next webinar is planned for JAN 2019 -