Video producer, consultant and workshop facilitator, Ariana Friend, is founder and owner-operator of AV Friend Productions since 2012. Studying and working in both the arts and commercial video production from the mid ’80 with a journey through natural health therapies and holistic counselling, she now combines her love for everything video with a passion for bringing out the very best of clients during video production. Her portfolio includes short films in comedy and drama, business promos, music video clips and event promos alongside documentary and interview style TV program segments.
Ariana states: “Online video is fast becoming an extension of the overall branding presentation for professionals and their businesses, and has great potential as a communications and marketing tool. There is an increasing need to move away from the talking selfie (or telfie) and create more congruent video to authentically represent professionals and their businesses online.
I love supporting dedicated professionals by amplifying their online message and showcasing their services and products to the wider online community in an authentic and honest way.“


Studying audio-visual production at the Royal Conservatorium of Music of The Hague in her native Holland, Ariana has since divided her focus between the artistic expression of artists work and the representation of businesses and the commercial side of video production, through short courses in arts management and small business management.
Ariana now makes her home on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula near Melbourne, Australia, from where she runs the AVFP HQ through full or part video production, works one-on-one video consulting and facilitates group video workshops.

Ariana states: "There are way too many talented, capable and passionate professionals missing out on genuinely connecting with their online audience, because they have no available video presence that authentically represents who they are in their professional capacity to show the world what their business, service or product is really all about. As a result they are missing out on connecting with prospective new clients and potential new business partners, because they are just invisible in the digital landscape of our competitive, commercial 24/7 online market place that is based around video presentation more and more."



AV Friend Productions HQ is based in Melbourne, Australia - mobile training & production available globally

Contact Ariana on or +61 (0)408 389 069 today.

Growing up in a multi cultural family Ariana was always predestined to travel and explore countries, cultures and all facets of the human condition in all its diversity. Being raised in an environment that shaped her love of music and the arts, food and travel, it was a natural progression to make her professional career in similar fields.
Now full time engaged in video production and consulting, Ariana is always looking to balance the creative potential of all things video with her thorough understanding of the medium through the use of appropriate screen language to fully express the individual identity of her professional clients and connect them with their online audience by delivering their message in an authentic video format style that is as individual as they are.