AV Friend Productions is based in Melbourne, Australia, with mobile recording available... most places - globally

"...connecting professionals with their online audience through authentic video."

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"There are too many talented, skilled and very capable people, that are missing out on genuinely connecting with their online audience, because they have no available video presence that authentically represents who they are and what their business, service or product is really all about....      As a result their potential audience (clients, customers and possible business partners) are missing out on the opportunity to connect with them because they are just invisible in the digital landscape that is based around video presentation more and more."


From early teens, Ariana Friend has been an avid photographer then videographer, starting on Super 8 in the mid '80s via first analogue and now digital video, creating short films, promotional and documentary / interview pieces. With multiple awards and broadcasts in both her native Holland and now Australia, Ariana combines all she has learned under the umbrella of AV Friend Productions since 2012 with a focus on supporting professionals amplifying their message through authentic video, connecting them with their online audience in a style that is tailored to their individual business, service, product and professional persona. She uses her "in between" experience as holistic counsellor to translate her Client's unique style into their online video message.


Through a time-efficient 5 step video production process with emphasis on in-depth concept development and creating a safe and comfortable environment on film day, well before pressing the record button, Client's essence is captured, amplifying their message and genuinely connecting them with their online audience through authentic video.