AV Friend Productions is based in Melbourne, Australia, with mobile recording available... most places - globally

"...connecting professionals with their online audience through authentic video."

AV Friend Productions Services include:

  • Full Video Production
  • Editing and Titles only Service
  • DIY Clip Consulting

The 5 step "café five" ("café V") Video Production Method has been developed especially for those Clients who are:

  • time-poor
  • unclear on their video message (in content and/or style)
  • somewhat camera-shy

Concept development

All production

Film day


Video clip delivery

Our time efficient 5 step method for Full Video Production focusses on the 5 key stages to get your idea from head to paper to finished Video Clip delivered on USB, ready to take home for posting online...:

Collaborative Projects are also part of AV Friend Productions Services "Dutch TV" (series 3), interview style tv show, Ch31 Melbourne