"...connecting professionals with their online audience through authentic video."

AV Friend Productions Services include:

  • Full Video Production
  • Editing and Titles only Service
  • DIY Clip Consulting

The 5 step "café five" ("café V") Video Production Method has been developed especially for those Clients who are:

  • time-poor
  • unclear on their video message (in content and/or style)
  • somewhat camera-shy

Concept development

All production

Film day


Video clip delivery

Our time efficient 5 step method for Full Video Production focusses on the 5 key stages to get your idea from head to paper to finished Video Clip delivered on USB, ready to take home for posting online...:

Collaborative Projects are also part of AV Friend Productions Services "Dutch TV" (series 3), interview style tv show, Ch31 Melbourne

AV Friend Productions is based in Melbourne, Australia, with mobile recording available... most places - globally