AV Friend Productions

"...connecting professionals

with their online audience

through authentic video."

AVFP video production & consulting services

* for professionals / business owners / artists / individuals
* direct services to: health / art / hospitality & tourism industries
* collaboration services to: professional AV industry
* complementary services to: social media / online marketing / web design & business coaching

The AVFP 5 step video production process  has been developed especially for those clients who are:

  • time-poor
  • somewhat camera-shy
  • unclear on their video message (in content and/or style)

Concept development

All production

Film day


Video clip delivery

...more AVFP points of difference:

* time-efficient & cost-effective 5 step process for full video production
* strong focus on video concept development well before film day

* guidance to maximize the online reach of your posted video or series of videos

* wide range of audio-visual industry training

* range of business and marketing training
* experience in artistic video production

* experience in commercial video production

Our time efficient 5 step Video Production process focusses on the 5 key stages to get your idea from head to paper to finished Video Clip delivered on USB, ready for posting online...

video series format specialist

screen language expertise

AV Friend Productions is based in Melbourne, Australia, with mobile recording available... most places - globally