AV Friend Productions

"...connecting professionals

with their online audience

through authentic video."

Online video for your business can...

...connect you directly  with any potential new clients and prospective new business partners as it shows who you really are in your professional capacity and shows the world what your business, brand, services and products are really all about.

...be the first port of call and do the talking for you 24/7 online to anyone looking to find out more about your business, services and products, anywhere in the world without the need for you to be personally available and feel you need to be always on call in person.
...autonomously pre-select  your potential new clients and prospective new business partners for your particular business without the need to spend time talking to the wrong audience demographic for your services and products over and over again.
...increase productivity  as it frees you up to focus on getting down to conducting the business or service you do best, to your pre-selected new clients and business partners.
...shorten your conversion cycle, as you can focus on following up on your pre-selected clients and business partners, rather than wasting your time on introductions to the wrong audience for your business, brand, services and products.
...be the best investment you can make if you are tired of having to be present in your business 24/7 in today’s competitive online, global marketplace.
...ultimately save you time and money in your business as a key ingredient in your overall marketing strategy - with online video that genuinely represents you and your business.

AV Friend Productions is based in Melbourne, Australia, with mobile recording available... most places - globally